COVID-19 response

temporarily closed

Following public health requirements:

Mt Lebo Massage will likely be closed through June 4.

(I'll send out an email to all clients if that changes and when I have a firm opening date.)

Re-opening will be legal when Allegheny County enters the "green phase" under the Governor's  Reopening Plan.

If you are a current client experiencing pain or discomfort, please feel free to call me for my best self-care tips.  After 23 years of doing massage, I have lots of good ideas.

Feel free to book an appointment for the future using the online booking, knowing that either of us may need to reschedule it.  All last-minute cancellation/reschedule fees are waived until further notice.

Be safe and well!  

I miss you.  


procedure ONCE RE-OPENED


information gathering

Prior to every appointment, I will call clients to make sure they have been free of COVID symptoms over the previous 2 weeks. 

I will monitor my own health closely by taking my temperature daily.

I will ask clients to notify me if they discover symptoms or exposure after their massage.

I will stay current and follow all public health requirements of Allegheny County and the State of Pennsylvania.

I will stay current and follow all best practices recommended by my professional organization, ABMP, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.

office changes

  • Air Filter-- a high-quality HEPA filter/air purifier will be run at all times (on max speed/noise when clients are not present and quieter when they are)
  • Floor Coverings -- hard vinyl floor coverings that can be cleaned between clients have been added to the office (to avoid the problem of sanitizing carpet)
  • Anti-Viral Essential Oils will be diffused (more info at bottom of page)
  • Flat Surfaces will be kept as empty as possible (to make sanitizing easier)

client check-in procedures

I will be leaving 45 minutes, instead of my usual 30, between clients to allow for this longer process plus all the extra sanitizing.  Please be patient as we learn this together.  

Erring on the side of caution:

  • Clients will call me from their vehicles upon arrival
  • I will ask clients to put on a mask before I approach their vehicle. 
  • I will go out to the parking lot masked and use a touchless thermometer to take their temperature. (Clients at/above 100.4 will be asked to reschedule)
  • We'll walk into the building together and I'll sanitize my shoes at the door.
  • Clients will sit in a chair in the reception area (that's been draped with a clean sheet between clients) to remove their socks and shoes and I will have them, or me, use a sanitizer on their feet
  • After a discussion to plan your massage, we'll move into the treatment room
  • Clients will undress keeping your mask on and get unto the massage table while I go down the hall to wash my hands
  • I'll use a papertowel to turn off the water and handle all surfaces until returning to my office
  • After I enter the treatment room, I'll use a hand sanitizer
  • We'll then do your massage with me pausing to sanitize my hands after working on your face or hands or feet
  • I'll sanitize my hands upon leaving the room
  • You will get dressed and join me in the draped chair in the reception area
  • We will handle paying and rescheduling in whatever way seems most sanitary.  There will be gloves and hand sanitizer to be used with pens, phones, calenders, checks, etc.  Hands-free checkout options will be available. 


Between clients:

  • there will be lots of hand washing (including hand sanitizer during your massage)
  • I will change shirts, pants, and face masks
  • all hard surfaces in the waiting room and treatment room will be wiped down with Lysol (light switches, lamp switches, door knobs, tables, chairs, water bottle, cell phone, credit card reader, music system, massage lotion, essential oil bottles, basically, everything I can think of)
  • the client chair in the reception area will be draped with a new clean sheet
  • (as always), sheets and blankets will be changed between clients
  • all exposed parts of the massage table will be wiped down, with special emphasis on the face cradle
  • my rolling stool (which I touch often) will be wiped down
  • hard vinyl floor coverings that can be cleaned between clients have been added to the office (to avoid the problem of sanitizing carpet)

mask and glove use

I will wear a face mask at all times. Clients will be asked to wear a disposable surgical mask, provided by me (unless you prefer to wear your own).  Currently, the public health experts in massage are recommending this as a "best practice."

anti-viral essential oils will be diffused in the air

Eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, oregano, clove, rosemary, basil, lemon, orange, bergamot, and cinnamon essential oils all have anti-viral properties.  (PubMed and the NIH websites have lots of studies, so you don't just have to take my word for it.)  I'll be diffusing a combination of organic antiviral essential oils in my office until further notice.   All these oils are safe for use in a diffuser regardless of pre-existing health conditions. (Yes, pregnancy too.)

Allergy sufferer? Essential oils do not contain the plant proteins that cause histamine responses. Therefore, I'm not expecting anyone to have allergic reactions.  Case in point:  I'm horribly allergic to lavender as a plant and as an ingredient in many products but have no reaction to it as an essential oil. So far, I've not found an essential oil I'm allergic too and I'm allergic to many lotions, shampoo, perfumes, cleaning products, etc. 

But please call me to discuss your situation if you expect difficulties with the essential oils.  Perhaps you could see if the "plant protein" theory is accurate for you? or plan on an antihistamine?