policies & other info


cancellation and rescheduling

I have a 24-hour cancellation and rescheduling policy.

Hey, I get it.  Unexpected things happen.  However, as a sole practitioner, all of my income comes from my clients. When you cancel on short notice, I lose 25% of my income for that day (unlike a job where you get paid whether people show up or not). In addition, you are taking an appointment time away from someone else who could benefit from my care.

If you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours' notice, and I'm not able to refill that slot, you will be charged for your reserved time (or your gift certificate will be considered redeemed). 

Need to cancel? Give your appointment to a friend! It's win-win: They get a fabulous massage instead of you paying for something that no one uses.

Still need to cancel? Please call or text me at 412-427-9047 anytime and leave a message. This gives me the greatest opportunity to put someone into your reserved appointment time.

Regardless of when you cancel or reschedule, if I am able to fill the appointment: no charge.

Thank you for valuing my time. 

finding me (can be tricky)

I am located in the large red brick office building directly opposite the McDonald's. Despite GPS information, there is NO ACCESS FROM THE FRONT PARKING LOT and no external signage for Mt Lebo Massage.  You MUST enter via the back parking lot.  The entrance lobby to the building is under the largest green overhang next to the blue U.S. Post Office drop boxes and the bench.  When you enter, you are already on the 4th floor and Mt Lebo Massage is in Suite 418. 

arrival time

Please arrive either at your scheduled time or NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES EARLY.  You will receive your full session time, but you will be at my office for about an extra 15 minutes.  This allows time to go over your health history, your goals and preferences, undressing/dressing, self-care ideas, rebooking, etc.  If you arrive early and find the door to the suite still locked, you will find chairs in the lobby through which you entered and restrooms at the T-intersection you walked through.

intake form

Please fill out the online intake form I email you completely. It takes about 5 to 7 minutes.  I especially want to know what your body does all day (occupation and activities), what areas are bothering you, any surgeries or injuries you've had, and any current conditions that may be affecting your health and comfort.  This allows me to begin planning an effective session for you and gives me time to research conditions/issues if I need more information.  That way, our face-to-face time can be very targeted and used to clarify goals, do orthopedic assessment tests, etc., rather than used for collecting basic information.